How To Make Eggcheflan


From the common word egg and lecheflan , the word eggcheflan was derived, and so the product eggcheflan also came to reality. An egg with real leche flan inside. I have never made one yet but my assumptions is sure very close to reality. The product came wrapped with colored wrapper (yema wrapper, probably). There […]

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The 7 eleven Reward Card…

the unactivate 7 eleven reward card

How many of you did get this 7-11 reward card?  I am not a big fan of this kind of promo, reward card, loyalty card or whatever they are calling it. They are good for regular, avid and impulsive customers. They sure can accumulate points easily and get the reward sooner. I availed SM rewards […]

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Peanut Butter Skins May Cause High Uric Acid Level


Do you ever wonder what are those dark specs in your peanut butter? If you are seeing these then I guess it is from your neighborhood startup manufacturer. They still have no enough budget to buy a good peanut grinder. Medium to top of the line grinders have the ability to pulverize well those brown […]

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Letting The Cocoa Liquor Hardened by Itself

panutsang bao like chocolate

The two cocoa liquor bins were full. I picked this stainless steel bowl to contain the remaining. Getting another full sized bin was not worth. Then, it was close to hardness the next day. I put it inside the fridge and took out after about 30 minutes. This was unplanned experiment. An actual incidental experience […]

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KFC Fully Loaded Meal

kfc fully loaded meal

Fully loaded meal? I was still thinking about my order but it was already my turn. I never wanted the persons behind me to wait long, neither the crew. I chose it as it was the first I saw. It seemed by brain thinking got slower due to hunger. Maybe people doesn’t really care much […]

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Roasted Cocoa Winnower | Second Iteration

Wew! After all the hard work, here comes the second iteration of my very own made cocoa bean winnower. It was a result of research and actual testing. Currently, I am 75% satisfied with its performance. Few more tweaks and the final version will sure come. Here are the basic parts! Hopper. It is for […]

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How to Make Tsokolate Sauce for Suman

Ingredients: four chocolate / tabliya tablets, about 60 grams in total two glasses of water one half kilogram washed sugar Procedure: 1) Bring to slow boil the two glasses of water. Setting the fire too high will cause too much bubbling and spillage of water cocoa mixture. 2) Add the chocolates. Stir occasionally until well […]

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