Fake Coke Rumors

fake coke manufacture

Nowadays, it is not suprising to hear news of fake products. Fake here, fake there and fake everywhere. There are too many of them that they sound ordinary thing. They don’t seem like news anymore. On the contrary, it is still bothersome when the fake food is your favorite thing. Fake Coke! Have you seen […]

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FDA License Application | Afater 4 months

How long has it been since I filed the license to operate application of that coffee manufacturer? It’s been four months already. The customer service representative who accepted the application papers clearly stated it usually takes ten working days. However, it still depends on availability of inspectors. I never thought their inspectors are so few […]

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Darkening Buko Bits…

buko young coconut bits beginning to darken

There are reasons why we should keep buko meat soaked in its own water. We set aside the primary reason, we want to keep the delicious water for later drinking. Keeping the young coconut meat color is of great importance. It is beautifully white right after opening but begins to change color after a while. […]

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