The Veggie Meat Loaf

arrow veggie meat sliced

Wrapped neatly like a meatloaf and I thought it was one. It is a veggie meat. I planned to fry it for lunch but hesitated when I saw the veggiemeat label. It might be designed for something else other than fried viand. Well, I’ll never know unless I try. I took off the two layers […]

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Raw Chocolate, Are You In?

Bean-to-bar, artisinal or craft chocolate is a minimalist way of chocolate processing. Done in small batches, adding minimal ingredients, oftentimes a little cane sugar. It preserves, improves and highlights original bean flavor, contrary to what commercial scale manufacturer does. If you are a craft chocolate lover, you’ll probably noticing taste noise every batch. For me, […]

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He is Selling Dried Guyabano Leaves

I know very well that guyabano is a popular and natural anti-cancer medicine. Many tried and cured by it, some were not. Folks far away from agricultural lands are searching ways to get it easily, thru local/online vendors or whoever they may find. Men with entrepreneurial skills are taking advantage by filling up the need […]

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