Fake Salt

Yet another fake news. Three men from China were accused of manufacturing ten thousand tons of fake salt. The salt was said a product of processing waste agricultural chemicals. Further details about the waste were not disclosed. No reports of consumer complaints, food poisoning or untoward incident. However, considering the quantity produced, it was very […]

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Outsourcing Food Analysis


Canvassing It is a necessary part. Getting to know first who offer the lowest possible price without sacrificing reliable result. There are other two criteria beside cost, the availability of tests and accessibility, which is nearer to my place or more comfortable to go to. Most private companies never replied to my inquiry. Some replied […]

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And Now, The Fake Pansit!

People seems wary of frequent fake scandals. There are just too many to mention. The latest is the allegedly fake rice immediately by fake pansit. The rice incident as of now is an isolated case, only one in Davao was confirmed. The latter is not proven yet. However, it is scary to know fake foods […]

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