Grinding Sugar Crystals!

powdered sugar in blender

Why do I need to grind sugar crystal where it is readily dissolves in most applications. The likes of sweetening coffee, juices, tea and the likes. There are tons of water molecules to suspend the sugar apart. Sweet taste perceived by tongue less the grainy undesirable texture. Well, there times when we want sugar to […]

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Bars With Sprinkled Nibs

70 percent bar with nibs

At long last, I’ve got to try the hand crafted chocolate with cocoa nibs. I am doing it the way others usually do. Sprinkle some nibs after pouring and shaking the tempered chocolate. Nibs end up on back of chocolate bar after removing from mold. Come to think of it. Chocolate bar is all shiny […]

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The Veggie Meat Loaf

arrow veggie meat sliced

Wrapped neatly like a meatloaf and I thought it was one. It is a veggie meat. I planned to fry it for lunch but hesitated when I saw the veggiemeat label. It might be designed for something else other than fried viand. Well, I’ll never know unless I try. I took off the two layers […]

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Microwave Pure Chocolate Melting

partially melted an chopped

This is just a microwave melting procedure for pure chocolate block. I mean pure, no added ingredients like sugar, milk and lecithin. You may tweak this to suite tempering procedure. The kind of very strict heating and cooling procedure to achieve a shiny appearance and nice snap. I have a tempering procedure of my own. […]

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