Boneless Bangus from Andok’s

boneless bangus

Fish To Go sells variants of cooked fish, perhaps boneless and relyeno are among them. When she said she gonna buy fish for dinner in the middle of town plaza, I was thinking of the stall. Well, I was wrong. She went to Andok’s and bought boneless bangus. I thought all along the broiled chicken chain was only selling coal roasted chickens and liempo.

boneless bangus

It was not surprising though. For a certain business to grow, it needs either extends market reach, expands product range or do both. The popular example of this is the Coca Cola. Their reach is so wide that it extends all over the archipelago. They also have variety of related products such as Mirinda and 7-Up. People have different preferences so an array of offerings is a wise tactic.

As for now, I see they have three main offerings. The chicken, pork and fish. Recently, we bought breakfast composing of rice and pork barbecue. They also have several drinks to choose from. We never got any cause we prefer plain water when traveling.

As for the boneless bangus verdict. The overall flavour is good. It is like other that I have tasted so far. I am looking for something unique. A signature taste that will make me coming back for more.

The Apple that will Never Go Brown

apple half

I forgot the movie name already but the scene is still very clear to me. A man asked his maid for sliced apples. His request arrived but he irked and refused it. Seeing the slices discoloration, he told the maid that it took her so long to accomplished such an easy task.

What else can the maid do. Apples are real quick when it comes to changing its color from very pale yellow to unappealing brown. I said so cause it is not its natural color. Like how we move our eyebrow when we see a blue chocolate or a violet mango. We won’t accept it readily unless introduced by a big and well known company. Continue reading “The Apple that will Never Go Brown”

The Broas


Canned biscuits? Not very appealing to me. They are packed in large squares tin cans. The same can use to contain bulk cooking oils and instrument to roughly measure harvested coffee beans. The popular container for hauling and holding water. Never usually last long as they are very prone to rusting. Continue reading “The Broas”


pilipit bread

First impression last.

I used to like this bread very much. It’s flavour was one of a kind. The only thing I dislike was its hardness. It was too hard that I needed to concentrate before taking every bite.

I’m not sure if it was intentional or accidental. Maybe it had something to do with the bread inherent character. Pandesal lovers know this very well. Hot pandesal is soft. Then begins to toughen as it cools. The morning bread is made that way. Meant to be eaten while still hot. What happens afterwards does not matter. Continue reading “Pilipit”