She brought home this unfamiliar leafy vegetable. As I thought, she bought it because of someone convincing her it is not only good tasting but great for the health too. The makeup is like pechay Baguio but the color is as dark as brocolli. It smells like and literally tastes like grass with bitter and […]

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Solar Energy to Power Food Machinery

solar panel

Sun is free energy. Giving its own to specific area for over ten hours a day. Having the right tool, we can harness the sunshine to produce electricity. Enough to light our home, power refrigerator, television and use some luxury gadgets. So why do we have to pay for huge sum of monthly electric bill? […]

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Raw Chocolate… IMO

The is no such thing as raw chocolate. On the contrary, there is. The wet cacao beans fresh from pod are are the purest and raw chocolate. However, it couldn’t be eaten as is. It need to undergo several lengthy processes to improved palatability. The process starts as soon as the cocoa pod is cut […]

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The Need for Accurate Tool: Grindometer


I have been reading so many tutorials and reference materials about chocolate making. Specifically grinding. What grinders are appropriate to use. How to grind. How fine the grind should be? Take note: As of publishing this, there is no locally available grinder capable of reducing cocoa nibs down to acceptable particle size. Most merchants will […]

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