The Broas


Canned biscuits? Not very appealing to me. They are packed in large squares tin cans. The same can use to contain bulk cooking oils and instrument to roughly measure harvested coffee beans. The popular container for hauling and holding water. Never usually last long as they are very prone to rusting. Continuing with the story. […]

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pilipit bread

First impression last. I used to like this bread very much. It’s flavour was one of a kind. The only thing I dislike was its hardness. It was too hard that I needed to concentrate before taking every bite. I’m not sure if it was intentional or accidental. Maybe it had something to do with […]

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Red Kaong

red kaong in buko salad

Every time I see a red thing in fruit and or buko salad, I know right away that it could be either of the two. Kaong (the sugar palm fruit ) or cherry. However, cherry is rarely added, if so, we are lucky finding one to three. Then, it is red kaong, 90 percent of […]

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Chocolate Siopao

chowking chocolate siopao

My son said. This siopao is delicious specially the center filling. Strange! I never heard him praising siopao before. The variant my wife bought must be really well made. Hm! What the filling could be? Hotdog, sausage, tocino, or other sweet meat stuff. Kids these days can’t resist sweets. I peeked and a bit surprised. […]

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Bulging Muscovado Sugar

muscovado sugar package

Bulging canned goods and composite package snacks are rare sight. What is rarer to see is a bulged package of sugar. What is in there to begin with. Nothing but sweet and preservative itself. Do you ever heard of sugar being spoiled? Not a chance. At least for now. So why is this pack of […]

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