The 6 and 12 pesos SSB Excise Tax

Never heard anything yet about asin tax. The proposed law which supposed increased the price of salt laden food products such as noodles and junk foods. However, the sugar tax came into fruition under the TRAIN law. The excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. Before anything else, they should state good reasons why add hefty tax […]

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The Dried Guyabano Strips

yellowish dried guyabano

It crossed my mind making dried guyabano. Like mango, jackfruit and papaya, it also has a rare ripe stage. FYI for those who never know, dried fruit is best made with rare ripe materials. It should have enough fibers to hold its shape when cooked and dried. Fully ripes will tend to become puree when […]

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Dried Mango and Sodium Metabisulfite

dried mango with metabisulfite

I am on the hunt. I am looking for dried mangoes without preservative of any sort. Sugar is exception of course. Rare ripe mangoes are used for this. No enough developed sugar yet so addition maybe necessary. What I never wanted to see on label is the word “sodium metabisulfite”. However, all the brands I […]

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