about me, rules and other stuff…

Before the about me starts, here is another video shoot courtesy of GMA-Good News.

About me starts here!

Hello! I am me, just me!

I graduated Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Food Processing.  I was a Research Assistant for Food Research at Cavite State University; Food Processing Trainer under Provincial Government of Cavite (CACODEC-PCLEDO); Food Chemistry Instructor; Food Quality Assurance Staff and currently a food blogger     ….notify me if you want to see my full credentials!

Here was my featured video courtesy of GMA 7 Pinoy MD! I was the one who was demonstrating the mango wine making.

All photos and articles are owned by me or by their respective owners. It can be plagiarized with a proper link credit.

Articles are based from the following: Everyday is a learning process. We talk and hear from others, listen to radio, watch televisions, read news papers, comics and magazines and conduct very simple to very complicated experiments. I am trying to share what I am learning. I strongly believe that information is free and should be known to all. Sometimes I am quoting very useful information from other sources and trying to recognize where it came from. Tell me if you deserve a recognition and I will gladly include you.

I am not obliged to blog everyday. I will blog whenever or wherever I want  as long as my brain and fingers are up and running.

I does not guarantee reliability of any information including comments and suggestions posted by readers and will not be held liable for the harm it may have caused.

Comments and suggestions are allowed. However, all bad languages, harassment, nudity, and forms of threatening will be deleted.

Answering questions and inquiries is voluntary. Sorry in advance for future unreplied comments!

This site is not selling and will not sell product of any kind. Not doing any sponsored post or paid review. Any repetitive comments encouraging someone to buy a particular product will be marked as spam.

My grammar and writing skills are not excellent. Please bear with me! Help me correct errs if you find it bothersome.

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169 Replies to “about me, rules and other stuff…”

  1. I read your post on tea/coffee bag and noticed that you mentioned Maam Fe Dimero. I knew right away that you’re from CvSU. I finished my highschool there and I would like to know more about the tea bag and if it’s possible to use with small, almost powder tea. Hope to hear from you. You may email me at my gmail.

  2. sir good morning.. gusto ko lng po mtutong gumawa ng salted egg , coloring, preservation and life span.. il pay nlng po para magka knowledge ako marami p po akong tanung eh.. tnx..

  3. Hello! My name is Bridget Thompson and I am a Production Assistant on The Dr. Oz Show in New York City. We were hoping to use your photos in your entry from May 22, 2012 titled “Bad Encounters With Oil Plus Polystyrene / Styrofoam.” Could you please email me at bthompson@zoco.com as soon as possible in regards to this? Thank you!

    1. sir,i am a doctorate in chemical engg.having 50 years of experience in agri.product commercialisation.i am from india,i worked in asbury park,new jercy in the year1974.
      now i am in tanzania,heiping them in converting agri.products industrialization.i did it for banana to beer having 21 %alcohol.now i am in the process of cassava to 6 products,sugarcane to jaggery,coconut to dcp.now i want to know the commercialization of papaya and watermelon.please help me.if there is any organisation to help me in this case,please let me know.

  4. Good pm sir Marvin.I found your blog interesting. We have a cactus variety and I would like to share it with you for further research and dev’t. Can you pls send me thru e mail your contact numbers.Thanks

  5. Hi Sir Marvin, I am Lyssa Rodriguez from PCLEDO. 🙂

    May I know how I can directly contact you (maybe a landline or mobile)? I am interested in the pineapple vinegar process you posted and I’m wondering if you know anyone who manufactures/makes it. Thanks in advance. God bless!

    (Ill be leaving a message also in your facebook inbox. just in case ;))

  6. hi. your blog is so nice. i really enjoyed your blog.

    in fact, I am from korea. but nowadays i am in the manila. one of my hobby is visiting the public wet market. so, Could you tell me where i can buy coffee bean in the manila?

  7. Hi Marvin!

    I’m working in a TV network and we are interested in featuring “Etag”. Do you know where can we buy Etag here in Manila? Thank you!

  8. Hi Marvin!

    Greetings of peace!

    I saw your blog about light colored adlai grains (tigbi seeds). May I know where I can buy them in bulk please? I need them for rosaries that I make.

    I hope to hear from you soon. God bless.


      1. Yes, I am looking for Adlai grains with hard shells. They look exactly like what you have in the picture. Sayang. I appreciate your reply though. In case you come upon the variety that I need, pls let me know.

        Thanks, God be with you.

  9. Hi, thanks for your articles, i find them very informative.
    I’d like to ask about Talisay leaves, which i heard could treat kidney stones by just boiling them together with the twig and fruit (optional)
    Requesting for more info on this. Thanks and God bless.

  10. hello sir marv’s, can i ask of your full credential which is needed for the citation on my research about rambutan seeds. i found out that this is a very good substitute for chocolate cacao. please email me.


    michael sabugaa

  11. Hi Sir!!

    Itanong ko lang din po sana ang full name nyo for our special project. At kung pwede po sana pati po credentials ni Ms. Reyes

    Thank you po! God Bless!!

  12. Hi Marvin, Thank you for your time and answer to my hard to find questions! And I found them here at your site! I wil work on my homemade cocoa powder and let you know how it turns out. I love natural foods as much as possible and I am also interested in food science as well! I look forward to using your site for future resources!
    ~ Khristian from WA state

  13. Pwede pong magtanong kung ano ang full name nyo?
    Need kopo kasi para sa research paper ko,gagamitin ko po sanang reference yong article nyo na
    Eating Tuko /Tokay Gecko Can Cure Aids and Cancer : Some Scientific Evidences?

      1. Hi! May I also ask for your full name? We’ll be using your article about Achuete as one of our references for our study, if you don’t mind.


  14. We would like to put up a small company that would sell a proprietary tea-like bottled beverage. My husband and I are based in California, but are planning to be in the Philippines around late March or early April 2013, primarily to research on the possibility of having our idea for a “health-beneficial” drink formulated and bottled there, obviously as labor may be cheaper, then to import it to the US.
    Would you be available for technical consultations? How do we get in touch with you?
    Thank you.

  15. sir marvin pag nilagay q na po ba yung airlock hintayin q nlng po na matapos xa mag ferment hanggang 2 to 3 weeks??? after po nun ano na po gagawin q??

    1. yes, kailangan mo tapusin ang 2 to 3 weeks or hanggang sa matapos ang bubbling. Tapos salain, ipasteurize, iimbak hangang sa luminaw ang kulay.

      1. sir mga ilang minutes po pag pasteurize.. after po ba sir matapos ung pag bubbles,racking,pasteurize kelangan pa po ba ilagay ulit ang airlock??? ^_^

          1. tnx sir marvin.. sir mga ilang minutes po pag pasteurize.. after po ba sir matapos ung pag bubbles,racking,pasteurize kelangan pa po ba ilagay ulit ang airlock???

          2. Heat it in stainless steel casserole until small bubbles start to float. Then remove from fire immediately and set cool. Don’t wait for the running boil.

            Di mo na need ibalik yung air lock. You must seal it to preserve quality.

    1. Maybe it was a failure. I suggest reading more about science of wine making, read more about yeast. Retry making the same wine. Record your progress. Discover your mistakes. You gonna make it perfect sooner or later. Wine making is both science and art – learn it by reading references and repeated processing. Please be patient brother!

          1. pectin is a safe food component. rare ripe fruits are high in pectin and good for making jellies.

            moonshine poisoning is new term. i read about it just now.

            i assume your wine is safe. fruits and wine is not known to carry or be a media to harmful microorganisms. your wine having dangerous bacteria or fungus is unlikely. pasteurize it at 70C for 15 minutes or just heat up to near boil to set mind at peace.

            following hygienic practices while handling food items is recommended.

          2. do not worry about moonshine poisoning unless you are making wood base alcohol (lambanog) and high spirit drinks (90 to 95% alcohol to absolute concentration).

  16. sir marvin nagtry po ako gumawa ng mango wine kasi namangha ako sa video na napanood ko sa youtube at sa video nyo po aus lng po na ang ginamit kong yeast ay active dry yeast??

      1. sir marvin pano po ang sukat ng yeast sa asukal po ba??? yung video nyo po na 3 cup of sugar ilng tsp. po ng yeast?? yung nagwa ko po kasi 1cup sugar tapos 2tsp sctive dry yeast aus lng po ba na ganon ang sukat?? hirap po mag hanap dito sa legazpi ng wine yeast hehe halos naikot kona po mga wine shop hehe thankyou po sir marvin.. godbless

        1. pde po ang one, pede din po and two. baka meron ka makukunan diyan ng bubod – ung ginagamit sa paggawa ng tapuy! pde mo ring gamitin ang bubod instead of yeast.

          1. kung may malapit sa inyo na gumagawa ng tapuy, maari kang makabili. ung kasing wine yeast, kalimitan ay imported.

          2. sir marvin thankyou sa help nag hahanap po talga ako marunong gumawa ng wine para may mapag tanungan nadin 1st time ko po kasi gumawa hehe tnx po.

  17. Hello Sir Marvin,


    Sir, I’m thinking of writing a more comprehensive but concise article on the 30-day treatment protocol on guyabano tea, including preparation method, maintenance, tune-up and cautions to replace the first 2 articles printed on the “Guyabano Against Cancer and Other Diseases” post, to make the instructions clearer and more complete, so people won’t have to ask about those repeatedly.

    May I do that, and may I please request you to delete the first 2 instructions on how to prepare the guyabano tea, replacing them with the new one I will send?

    Thank you very much, Sir Marvin!


    1. Yes! Also, please copy paste the specific paragraphs that need to be deleted. Sorry, I put too much burden on your side! You have the option not to answer any of the comments posted. Thank you!

    2. gud day mam…may i ask f ur a doctor?i can see dat u know so much but i am about to introduce my father to a g-tea treatment..(he was diagnosed wid nephrotic syndome 2 yers ago).i herd a lot about the promises of guyabano to heal but i am still apprehensive…of course, its my father’s health which is at stake….pls help me….

  18. Sir Marvin,

    Pinalitan po ng Professor ko ang Kamias Ice Cream ko. Instead daw po na Kamias ang gamitin ko why not try GUYABANO. And based po sa mga right up about guyabano, it can cure cancer daw po? is it true po ba?

  19. Dear Sir Marvin,

    Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity of spirit in providing a post for me in your foodrecap website. Sorry that this “thank you” note took so long in coming. I was so utterly flabbergasted about the post, I couldn’t quite believe that it is real. I didn’t know what to say. So, I allowed some days to pass by, taking a peek daily at foodrecap to see if your announcement about the post is still there. And by golly, it is!

    Sir, I am just happily contributing what little I know based on what I learned from readings and my own experiences, hoping that they may be of help to some needy folks like I was.
    Having been given a post because of that is truly astounding and merits a special appreciation and gratitude on my part. And for that, I am truly very grateful to you, Sir Marvin. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    Hoping to do justice to your trust!

  20. Dear Sir Marvin,

    Can I use SANTOL as an ingredient for Santol Ice Cream? Or is it possible to use SANTOL as flavor for Ice Cream?

    1. Yes it can be! Use the soft part or the mucilage. Scrape the inner part of rind with a spoon and or patiently cut the pulp off the seeds. Alternatively, pulp can be removed from seeds easily by fermentation. Weigh the seeds, add with less or equal amount of sugar, cover, then let stand for several days. Fermentation alters the original santol flavor though.

      A santol peel candy can be added to ice cream in replacement of almonds and chocolates.

  21. Hello sir marvin. Why can’t i see the comments in guyabano really cures cancer? It was visible before but now it is gone. Were they deleted? BTW, i’m just using mobile phone.

    1. I checked the two guyabano articles and found out that both comment thread were deleted. I did some web template revision to restore them. Comments were restored but not all. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  22. Hello, Sir Marvin…

    May mga sinagot po akong comments addressed to me sa “Guyabano Health Benefits- it cures cancer?” na pinapadala ng FoodRecap sa email ko po, pero hindi po pumapasok ang replies ko.

    Banned po ba ako sa FoodRecap? Inquiring lang po.

    Thank you, and more power to you!

    1. Nope! You are not banned. You cannot make any published comments if you are banned This blog has automail program thanking anyone who wrote comments. If anyone post a reply to your comment, the automail will also send it directly in your mailbox. However, a reply sent through email will be sent directly to recipient and won’t be reflected on article page.

      Sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you very much for patiently answering reader’s inquiries!

  23. Hi, Marvin!

    My concern is, these people are using FoodRecap as a free advertising agency. Before you know it, some other people will come to sell their products, endorse their company and recruit your readers and contributors. If this is allowed to cotinue, then it won’t be fun coming to FoodRecap anymore because these guys will fill up a lot of space, and take away from our reading time by having to scroll them away first.

    I came into your site this morning, and found this lady endorsing her products again, and giving out her contact number to honest people seeking help for their health probs.

    Other alternative health sites, earthclinic for one, do not allow this.

    You’re the boss of your own site, Sir. You can set the rules, put that on the heading of your blog page where it is readily seen, and everyone who comes by needs to show some respect. If not, they ought to be banned from your site.

    Thank you, God bless you!

  24. Hello Marvin… I enjoy your site very much, specially the link on “Guyabano, it cures cancer?” I find it nice to be able to contribute information for particular needs. But should your site be used for promoting multi-level marketing products, and presumably recruiting members too?

    I don’t think it’s fair. I don’t find it right for people to be naming product brands and company names in your website. They are doing business at your expense. To recommend a product that helps is commendable, but to be promoting a company is something else, unless of course it’s your company or you work with these networkers. But if this is okey with you, then it is okey.

    More power to you, Marvin!

    1. Thanks! This blog and me are not related to those spammers in any way. I am thinking if it’s right to delete their comments and prohibit any further comments related to vita plus.

  25. Hello Marvin ,
    I was pleased to find your wevsite today , it is very helpful.

    I would like to know how to pickle cabbage ? is it possible ? And what is the whole procedure ?
    Thanks .

  26. April 10, 2012

    Sir Marvin,

    May I know if you have a procedure for dragon fruit leather? Parang mango leather pero dragon fruit gamitin ko. Gusto ko kasi ang dragon fruit. Iyan lang ang fruit na di tumaas ang sugar ko nun pregnant ako. Saka me anak pala ako na turning two years old. Gusto lang niya kainin french fries. Me process ka ba for potato fries, carrot fries, camote fries na pwede sa batang 2 years old and above?

    Your blog is very helpful for mothers like me.

    Thank you and hoping for your help.

    Lyn Bustamante

    1. This procedure will work for potato and camote fries. [http://www.foodrecap.net/recipe/camote-fries/] I have not tried it yet for carrot. It is wise to use branded and expensive cooking oils.

      The process of fruit leather require a drying oven – an oven with fans and ventilation for efficient drying. Home ovens are designed for cooking, not for drying.

      Thank you very much!

  27. Generally I don’t learn article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, quite nice article.

  28. Hi Marvin, found your blog this evening while doing research on teas,your ideas are very helpful and practical . where can I buy tea bags for my organic tea leaves? Am from Bicol. Is it better to turn them into powder form and package in capsules or just air-dry and pack in small tea bags? thanks

    1. thanks!

      either way is good. I guess the capsules are easier to find than teabags. Capsules can be bought from most leading drugstores. There is an organic tea shop in Farmers Plaza Cubao that sell small volume of empty teabags. I lost the exact name of store – sorry! As alternative, teabags can be made of pilon cloth. Seal all side with plastic sealer.

  29. hi marvin,

    nice knowing u pal, marvin pala ang tawag nila sayo dito. for me, very innovative ang persona mo, pagdating sa kapakanan ng ating mga mamamayan, esp. ang kalusugan nila. the herbal capacities ng ating native vegetables or trees are very essential sa development ng mga medicinal or preventive cures. they’re just not economical but more natural & therapeutic na gamot. it just requires patience & perseverance to make it happen – alam mo na, for ex., yong pagpu-pulverize or pagremedyo ng mga ito, mga exotic kasi.

    1. Nice to meet you too lorie! I am really marvin for real. People who are too lazy to pronounce two syllables are calling me “ben”. Thanks for the very nice complement. See you soon!

  30. Hi Mr Marvin,

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  31. Hi Marvin! This is a very helpful blog.
    Please help us how to make mangosteen tea or how to make mangosteen rind extract. Maraming salamat.

  32. Hi Marvin,

    Good am. Thanks sa reply. May dryer kami na 500 kilos capacity na pwede pa abutin ng up to 70 degree centigrade and temp. May oven din kami na pang 6 plantsa. Pwede kaya i try itong mga ito?

    Thanks ulit.


    1. Yes, you can try in small batches. Bali trial and error yan hangang sa ma-perfect. You will use a different parameters for every dryer type and size.

      Buko should not turned brown or rancid during the drying process.

  33. Hi,
    Thanks for establishing this website. We have a kitchen Incubator in Brookes Point, Palawan, we are so intersted to have a regular contact with you. We want to focus on our coconut resources. We are thinking now how to make a dried Buko. Do you have any idea?

    1. You need a vacuum oven do do it properly. Or a convection oven with a significant amount of air flow. The faster the drying, the better. Sun drying will not work. Dip the buko slices in sodium erythorbate solution before drying – to preserve the white color.

  34. Hi!
    I want to use the pictures with the bottle defects and the description with the parts of a bottle. Who is the owner of these pictures?

    With kind regards


    1. I mentioned the owner on first paragraph, the Philippine Trade Training Center or PTTC. It was a part of our bound seminar lectures.

  35. Can you include your whole name on your About Me page?
    I am using your recipes for a school project and I need to cite the sources that I am using. Thank you!

  36. hi marvin – thanks for setting up this blog. very informative. found it while looking for food packaging info. sa probinsya located ang business ko and its difficult to find good packaging for food (baked goods, etc) other than the usual unimaginative disposable plastic containers. having custom made packaging is also expensive kasi the manufacturer requires a minimum quantity (understandable). the only one i can find is RM Boxes (no advert intended). am still searching for the supplier of generic white boxes (fold cote) which i saw on one of my trips to manila.

    1. You can also try visiting the Chocolate Lovers in Cubao. They have a lot of pretty ready made boxes. Their address can be found here [http://echocolatelover.com/].

    1. I never know what his problem. I am well aware that my English grammar is not perfect. That is why I am trying to improve it everyday. I respect all forms of criticisms but it should be done in a nice way! I revised the rules about writing comments. Violators will be flagged as spam.

  37. Hi Marvin, Congratulations for putting up this very nice blog about your passion for food processing. I am involved into food packaging. I wish I can share my experience in packaging of food products using glass jars and bottles. I will be visiting your site more often. Good day!

  38. Hi
    This is a new site that I found when I was searching for some natural remedy for gout. Your site is very helpful and I’m sure that I’d be coming back more often to read some more…very interesting, helpful and informative. Great place you have.

  39. @Tina…Slamat sa info. Ask ko lang ordinary coco oil lang at hindi VCO? subok ko na ang VCO sa maraming sakit, pero I’ll try telling my brother to try VCO with ginger at ung 99% aloe vera na sinasabi mo. tnx uli at maraming salamat

    1. welcome..mas maganda un gawa natin na coco oil,kaysa sa ordinary oil.un coco oil with ginger na gamit ko,ako lang nagluto nun,at hinaluan ko konti olive oil.pwede din pampahid sa likod bago maligo lalo pag malamig ang panahon.

  40. kapatid ko merong vitiligo maliit pa siya noon mga 10-11 y/o pa lang ata noon. ginagamot siya everyday ng isang pinupunas sa patches at after that nagbibilad sadali sa araw for 5-10 mins. nawala un ng matagal pero lumabas uli noong mga 30’s na siya. Bumalik ung vitiligo niya. Papaano daw igamot ang aloe vera @Tina? baka pwedeng subukan sa kanya. Salamat

    1. @Dennis,pinapahid ko lang un aloe vera gel sa white spots ko to evry part of my body,pwede fresh or un bottled na mabibili sa dept.store or sa ibang grocery,nasa may counter lang sya.dapat un 99% pure aloe vera.madami ako experiment na ipinapahid,right now ginagamit ko ay coconut oil with ginger.un kasi ang available,but next time balik uli ako sa aloe vera.vit.B-12 at folic acid supplement is good for vitiligo patients,and sun exposure too.

    2. @dennis – baka bergamot oil ang ginamit na pangpunas sa patches nga kapatid mo. i used it sa anak ko before and the white patches sa elbow area nya nawala after several applications. it was a very mild case though.

      1. @Cookie> hindi ko na matandaan cookie, sobrang tgal na kasi noon, pre-chooler pa ung kapatid ko…thanks anyway ha, baka nga bergamot oil un…

  41. haven’t you searched or read about vitiligo?i’ve been searching in all your blogs and no search or match found,but i have read in a certain website that aloe vera can help,so i’m experimenting on it.

    1. I also saw someone with the disease like what Dennis described. She was a person with a dark complexion. Then I noticed a small white spots on her finger and face. The spots grew gradually until her entire complexion became fully white. I was wondering what happened to her. I never thought it was vitiligo.

  42. Sir Marvin, your blog is great! especially when i learned about cassava having cyanide now i know i need to be extra careful in buying cassavas and also taste what i cook before feeding it to my toddler. thank you so much!
    I just noticed one thing, i keep reading in your article about your hubby and thought you were a woman but you referred to your hubby as she. i was curios and looked at your profile and there my curiosity vanished. just a thought. 😉

    1. many thanks! she hate the words sweat hearts, honey, and and all sweat sounding words so I referred her as hubby ,”

  43. Hi Mr. Marvin,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I am so glad to have known such a person like you who is closer to my place in Maragondon Cavite. I hope you don’t mind me visiting/ meeting you when I come back to Philippines in December this year.

    I am really eager to learn food processing of fruits. Thanks a lot for this wonderful blog. More power to you!

  44. Hi Mr. Marvin,

    It’s a very nice blog. I am learning a lot from it.

    Actually, I want to learn more about food processing especially on how to make candied fruits and other fruit products.

    I am from Maragondon Cavite and currently working abroad as QA Engineer. I am actually an Electronics and Communications Engineer by profession.

    May I know where in Cavite are you conducting training? I would like to attend please. Kindly reply to my email address.

    Thanks and more power to you.

    1. I am a former Food Research Assistant of Cavite State University and Food Trainor of PCLEDO – Office of the Provincial Governor of Cavite. The two mentioned agencies are conducting trainings. You may contact them for inquiries. I am a full-time blogger now.

      I am living here in Indang, Cavite. You can contact me anytime if you need any help.

      1. hi..just tumbled into your blog searching how to make bignay vinegar..instead i got bignay wine processing..wow ha! bignay wine? great! am from abra and bignay fruits are quite abundant (heard once from my son he tasted bignay vinegar tastes better than vinegar from sugarcane). your blog is great help for every filipino..to small/medium food processors/entreprenuers as well..but it seem your terms are too technical..can you please make it more madali maintindihan ng mga kagaya ko who were not food techies like you? in short mga kagaya ko walang pinag-aralan sa food technology hehe..saan ba namin mabibili ito mga gadgets u mentioned? or yun simple lang mga gadgets baga to make bignay wine/vinegar for personal consumption..di ba vinegar making is same with wine making yun nga lang vinegar ay yun wine sumobra ang asim? pls correct me if i got the notions wrong..keep it up young man!

        1. Wine making can be very simple and it applies to all fruit types. Kaso pag di pinag-aralan yung mga technical terms ay makakagawa ka ng wine of different qualities. Hindi consistent. Need talaga pag-aralan kahit pang home use lang.

          The process . Sweet fruit juice becomes wine when placed in a loosely cap container and stored in cool place, about 3 to 4 weeks. Then the wine becomes vinegar when mixed with a recently harvested sukang niyog or kaong, about 7 days period.

          Equipments like refractometer, pH meter, and alcohol hydrometer are not necessary for the start but should be provided to maintain a smooth sailing production.

  45. I’m leaving here in Hokkaido, looking for supplements that is made from the Philippines . Can you advise me a good one that is good for health improvement. Nice Blog!!

    1. I am not recommending any health supplements. However, many readers testified the effectiveness of guayabano / graviola for cancer cure. I guess consuming it on a regular basis is a nice idea.

      Another effective herb is the tawa tawa. A proven cure for dengue as testified by readers.

      Any food supplement is not needed. Eating a balance diet, lot of exercise and enough sleep are enough.

  46. Hi Sir, Good Day..

    Do you know how to make Tsiko/Chico wine???? Is it okey if i ask for the complete Ingredients and procedure of of it???? I really need it badly for my school requirements..
    Thanks Sir…

    God Bless..:)

    1. One wine process will fit to all fruit. Use the search function and find mango wine, bignay wine, balimbing wine etc. Follow the procedure to make your own chico wine.

      Chico will ferment naturally to wine. Addition of wine starter / yeast can be omitted.

    1. @gloria – Its a nice idea. It will work as long as the fish bones are very fine and cannot be distinguished by tongue. Experiment with small amount of powder and increase it gradually. Then decide which trial is the best. Good luck!

  47. Regarding your comments about children and coffee, are any of the points you raise actually backed up by documented finding of children and coffee? Rather, with the exception of (1), it seems that you have listed some generally recognised properties of caffiene and tried to consider what likely effect they would have on children. For (1) you reference studies, but give no actual citation. So for people seeking to learn about this topic, your contribution appears to constitute no more than your personal opinion.

    1. Sorry it took me so long to respond, Christine! I missed the notification of your comment. 1. I must admit I didn’t know the second verse before I came across it while Googling to make sure I was saying the lyrics correctly to the first verse. 2. The glowing definitely added to the “watch cat” effect. 2. Things never go as “perfectly” as I hope they will, but I’m getting better at accepting the imperfect and just going with the flow. 4. It surely was a pitbull storm!

  48. Just came across this site and found out to be VERY INFORMATIVE…Now i knew a lot of information what i do not know before. thank you. Hope to meet you sometime…

  49. Where can I find those sardines packed in glass (the brand-name appears to be “Mercedes” but I can’t find it for sale anywhere. I would like to buy some.

    1. Here are some of the objectives:
      1. Pickling is a great way to preserve excess papaya productions and prevent losses.
      2. It adds value to low quality papaya commodity. Like small, bruised, cracked and deformed.
      3. It makes the papaya available whole year round.
      4. Preserved papaya is easy to transport. You can easily transport it to urban areas.
      You can write your comment on “papaya pickle article” next time.

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