Adlai Grains : Which One Has The Right Maturity?

I saw a small group of adlai grass near the sidewalk. I bet no one planted it so I hurriedly picked the grains. It was a dark night, I can barely see the grain colors. I was not able to finish cause a dog came barking at me.

The next day I inspected all the grains I gathered. They were mixture of immature and matured grains. The immature green was hard but can be cracked in between teeth. The next grains were so hard. I pounded them with a hard object to crack open.

adlai in glass

adlai grains of different maturity

My hammering was not careful enough so all cotyledons were damaged. Besides, I cannot found ways to open it without damaging the edible portion.

The following are pictures of adlai grains. Please tell me which is the right color for harvest! Sorry for the blurred pictures!

crushed adlai 1

crushed adlai 2

crushed adlai 3

crushed adlai 4



  • hi sir/maam! have you harvested adlai in large quantities? I would be very interested in seeing how an adlai plant looks like and the cycle of bearing and replanting. Also on the feasibility of it as an alternative food source. And maybe in the long run the feasibility of it as a business. looking forward to hear from you sir/maam.

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