My First Day of Masteral Classes

It was my first day of Masteral schooling. Classes are scheduled only on Saturdays. I was a bit excited and a bit nervous. New classmates and familiar professor faces. It was not surprising cause it was the university where I used to work several years ago.

I am taking up Master of Science in Agriculture Major in Horticulture. It is related to my undergraduate course, B.S. in Agriculture Major in Food Processing.

Post graduate studies which are more related to food are posted but not offered. I wonder why? Attending in other distant universities was not included in my plans. I am a home-based self-employed  and at the same time baby sitter of our young boy and future baby girl.

The following are my current subject loads:

post it with courses

Agri 201 – Experimental Design. I have lot of backgrounds regarding this subject matter. It was a second part of my previous professional work. We did a lot of studies with lots of experimental designs. My current professor is more knowledgeable than me still. I must pay attention to this!

Agri 202 – Agricultural Biochemistry. The Food Processing Major has lot Chemistry courses. The Food Technology course has lot more Chemistry courses. A very interesting subject. It explains all reactions involve in living and non-living things. However, I always got very sleepy when Chemistry discussion starts. Time to get some chewing gum.

CRSC 230 – Crop Physiology. It is closely related to Agricultural Biochemistry but more specific. It can also be called Plant Biochemistry. I am very interested with it is a pre-postharvest technology subject.

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  1. Good Luck with your schooling ! You can only improve your knowledge and pass it on to others. Best wishes for new baby girl coming and the best to an older brother 😀

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