Air Conditioner Bacterial Filter

It is not a regular wire mesh. Its network is like a cross sectional view of corrugated carton. Other than that, it is very much like an ordinary plastic mesh. However, if we look at its name. We will realize that it is indeed above ordinary. It is a filter meant for killing microorganisms.

3m bacterial aircon filter
I bought a window type air conditioner. Included in the package was a 3M brand microbial filter.  The equipment has its native filtration system but I guessed it is only intended for catching dirt from air stream. It may caught bacteria but there is no likelihood of kill.  There is a high chance of it getting to air stream again.

Installation and cleaning manual was included. It should be placed on back of air con native filter. Installation bracket was provided near the middle area.

I am thinking, it covers only a very small portion. It could be more efficient if the whole native screen is covered entirely. However, It will increase air resistance, thereby reducing cooling efficiency.

We have three choices here. Leave the design alone, which I think is the best. Do not install the microbial filter. Less air resistance, faster cooling. Cover the entire screen with microbial filter. You have to diy brackets for additional filters. Be prepared for extra electricity cost.

Cleaning should only be done with a vacuum. Splashing it with water reduces efficacy. From this, I infer, the filter is coated with anti-microbial solution.

Only good for six months which is likely the shelf life of anti microbial coat.

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