The Alicafe 3-in-1 Classic

It is sweet but not too sweet compared to local versions. Most 3-in-1 instant coffee I bought here are too sweet. It has a slight bite of medicinal taste which I think was a bit off.

alicafe 3-in1 classic in cup hot

The power root term is suggestive of energy. It seems like it is energizing anyone drinking it. However, I did not find any energy boosting ingredient except for sugar, dry glucose syrup and maltodextrin.

the alicafe 3-in-1 sachet

Ingredient listing is hard to read. Small golden fonts in a brown background. I set the flashlight pointing to it to get a clearer vision. Full ingredient listing are: sugar, creamer, dry glucose syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, sodium casseinate (cow), Stabilizer (E34011), Emulsifier (E471 from palm oil), Anti-caking Agent (E5511), Instant Coffee Powder and Maltodextrin.

I am guessing it is my first and last cup. The coffee sachet was brought home by my balikbayan cousin.


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  • Drinking it now. It smells and tastes good. Looked for health benefits before trying, but seems it’s just an ordinary coffee. 😀

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