Alkaline or Ionized Water Might be a Hoax

Agricultural Biochemistry class. First chapters was about water. She told us that water is the first part of all biochemistry books and courses. Water is very important. All biological processes relies or takes place in water. So on…

One of water properties is the ability to form ions.  The water or H20 breaks to H+ and OH, hydronium and hydroxide ions respectively. At the same time some ions are getting back to each other to form again the water molecule, H20. The volume of H20 and ions are almost always equal. This process called ionization is a natural process that is happening even at normal temperature and without any intervention.

Before she finished discussing the above, I have a question in my mind. Ionized or mineral water is being sold by many water refilling stations. Home water ionizers are being marketed. It is popular because of many health benefits. If I am going to  buy a container of ionized water, how can I know if it is still ionized. What is its shelf life. Considering the chemical theory – two separated ions attract each other again to form water molecule.

I still asked what was on my mind and she replied. No water is completely ionized. There are instances that volume of ions is greater and volume of water molecule and vice versa, but that will go back to equilibrium sooner or later.

Hmm… Then ionized water might be a hoax! Alkaline water and water ionizers are fakes which are made to fool and steal money. It might be true on the other hand, considering the advancement in technology.



  • Well, I remember when I was 12 years old, i had this very bad gastritis that we thought was ulcer because it was really painful..leaving me sleepless, tumbling on the bed and crying. I tried taking Maalox, antacid tablets, mineral water and distilled water. Nothing happened. Then, my mom heard about a machine that converts water into alkaline water. After drinking it for about 3 days, i noticed i did not have any gastritis attacks anymore. Hanggang ngayon, wala akong attacks. I also notice that if I stopped drinking alkaline for at least a month, i notice mild acidity. Kaya d kami maloko ng water refilling stations. One of them claimed to have alkaline water but i am having mild acidity attacks. Then we tried switching, and the attacks are gone again. So for me, alkaline water is true based on my experience.

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  • Tap of filtered water stored overnight in copper container and taken with twist of dalandan or calamansi and honey is alkaline and good for you and cheaper over fake ionized and alkaline water sold at various outlets.

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