Yet Another Natural Sweetener: Allulose

Sucrose, glucose, fructose, dextrose and allulose. What are those words have in common? It is pretty obvious that they are ending with “ose” and they are all sugars. Wait, the last word I’ve mentioned is rather new, the allulose. I sounds like sugar but is it really sugar?

Its molecular structure is very similar to Fructose except for one OH group that is leaning to center of hexagon. Structure similarity also made the two exhibit the same taste. It is 70% as sweet as sucrose so you need to add a bit more to achieve the same.

Where this sugar belongs to? Alternative sweetener, low-calorie sugar or un-sugar? Ii has not been decided yet I guess. It comes from corn so it is not synthetic either.

What are the strong points? It has the Glycemic index of 0. Sweetener completely safe to diabetics. It is not digestible and yet safe to liver, like a docile sheep passing by. No after taste. The stevia has. It never upset stomach.

Not sure whether it is locally available already or when it will be available in case.

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