Ampalaya And Onion for Blood Type Detection?

I just heard from TV5 Aksyon, segment Makatang Gala: A medical practitioner known as Doc Lenny is using a type of pen and acupuncture for detecting various types of sickness. It seemed that she has also massage service.

The amazing thing about her is she is able to detect persons blood type by letting the patient smell the ampalaya and onion. The process only takes few seconds.

Are you interested? No further information provided. Sorry! I got excited when I heard it flashed on headlines. I waited until the specific segment and found nothing more.

Anyone there who know how to do blood typing by means of ampalaya and onion? Please share!

I got some ampalaya and onions. However the purpose is not for blood typing. Mixture of eggs, thinly sliced ampalaya, sliced onions and minced garlic sauteed in small amount of vegetable oil is a very healthy and yummy this.

aedan while holding ampalaya


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