The Arrowroot Cookies and Panagan

panagan rice crispies


Three hours away from Dalahican Port of Lucena, Quezon. Another three hours from my home province, Cavite. Roughly six hours plus expected traffic along the way. Good thing, traffic is not in sea travel vocabulary. We enjoyed our travel to the fullest boarding the RORO type ships. Starhorse going to Marinduque and Montenegro Lines going back home. The sea breeze and the nice scenery. A new acquaintance, Leo Limpiada, kept us occupied during sea travel. He told us lot of things about Marinduque.

Upon arrival to our destination, I first noticed a familiar product. The Arrowroot Cookies. I have been seeing this actively participating in various food exhibitions. So, Marinduque is the home of arrowroot. It was decided then, we will grab a couple of packs as pasalubong.

rejano arrowroot cookies

However, a friend talked to us and she was asking something else. The name is Panagan if I was not mistaken. We politely asked the shop and they pointed us to the item in microwaveable containers. They added, it is so popular that every delivery barely lasted a day. Only two packs left plus a jar containing free samples for taste testing.

We never thought twice after trying. We bought the last two packs. We were about to travel back home. Waiting for the next delivery batch was not an option.

panagan rice crispies

The thing is like a miniature version of empanada. The wrapper is obviously rice. I felt like eating bahaw (old cooked rice). I am not quite sure about the filling. My taste buds was telling me a mixture of muscovado and rice. The staff said it has only two ingredients, sugar, rice and nothing else. I think my guess is very close.

In general, the flavor is far from excellent but I found it very enjoyable to chew.

We visited Boac Church twice. Upon arrival and before departure. According to residents, one day is enough to see the whole province. Our one day stay was intended for conducting seminar. We will come back again for a day tour.

We’ll never forget having experienced their Putong Tradition. People dancing while singing the welcome song. Threw us some good luck coins and lastly gave us fresh broad leaf and put on our head their signature native crown.

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