Bagbagkong Vine and Flowers Are Back! – In Ginisang Tahong

I mentioned in my previous post that a bagbagkong vine existed beside rambutan tree. I was waiting for it flowers. However, mom told me that I was waiting for nothing. She already cut the vine. She cut it just above the roots. The wilted vine was the proof. I had no chance of knowing how it really taste. She reasoned that the vine was killing the rambutan tree.  I wished I was able to get some flowers before she cut it.

I was climbing the rambutan tree yesterday when I noticed the numerous little flowers. The flowers are attached to vine. It is bagbagkong. I never thought it will grow back again.

I went down and got a container. I harvested some flowers. I can’t wait to know how it taste. My better half

bagbagkong 2

update as of july 24, 2011

The bagbagkong flowers were topped in ginisang tahong. The flowers are crunchy, slightly bitter and slightly spicy. The verdict – good. I like it.

ginisang tahong with bagbagkong

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