Balon As Source of Drinking Water

We stopped by the bridge, the bridge over a large and deep river. Stepped out of the car and looked around. We were trying to find some abandoned kittens. Our cat died recently due to car accident.

Instead of finding a kitten, we saw a trail down to river. We went down and saw the crystal clear water coming out from the bamboo trunk. The bamboo was extension of balon. It served as downspout or a mini falls.

Now I understand why some residents and people of other barangays are stopping by, going down the river and have gallons of water on their way up. They are getting spring water from this balon.

I have no camera with me. So sorry!

The mini spring water is locally known as balon in Tagalog. Found onĀ  river sides and are able to emit water whole year round. It’s a popular drinking and potable water source in barrios and rural areas non-serviceable by water companies.

When my father and mother were still young kids, they used to get water from balon. We also experienced getting water supply from such. Taking about a kilometer walk with two empty gallons and going back with two gallons full.

There are three water supplies in our barrio, a) a pumped water from river, filtered and chlorinated before distribution, b) underground water, several long GI pipes get water underground and distribute it to residents, and c) a free flowing water from mini spring, balon, two water tanks with series of pipes delivering water using the sole force of gravity.

We often get drinking water from source “c” and “b”.

Is the water from balon clean and safe to drink? Not sure but I drink it always.


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