Banana Cue in Cellophane! Anyone?

Just because Manong was too busy serving a lot of customers and was comfortable with me, he asked me if it was okay to pack my ordered banana cue in cellophane. He promised to select soft bananas and to give me a banana cue stick (bamboo stick) if I agreed. So that means I have to carry banana cue in cellophane and prick them by my self in exchange for softer more delicious banana.

Okay! It was fine. I walked back to office with the wierd looking brown sugar coated bananas in cellophane and a half-banana cue stick on the other hand.

banana cue in cellophaneI felt like I bought a set of fish ball or kikiams on a small paper aluminum tray with a small stick to pick it up. Their differences, fried bananas are too big compared to fish ball and kikiams, I got a way bigger stick, and the cellophane package simply lacked class.  I am planning ask for a bigger paper lunch box next time.

very sugary brown banana cue


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