Drinking Beer As Energy Drink?

I bought a beer-in-can before going home. I am not a beer drinker. I just want to drink it before going to bed. This 330 ml 6.9 alcohol by volume Red Horse is enough to make me a little dizzy or have an slightly disoriented mind. I was hoping that it would make me sound asleep.

red horse beer in can

I usually go to bed 11 to 12 midnight. I wanted to sleep earlier so I need a sleep inducer. Taking a sleeping pill is a no for me so I chose a beer. I drank it about 9:30 pm. Then I felt sleepy and went to bed.

Sadly, my expectation never happened. My body felt warm after 15 minutes. Then my body and mind felt very lively. I was awake tillĀ  3 in the morning.

One beer-in-can turned out to be an energy drink for me. This might be the reason why many alcoholic individuals are taking alcohol before going to work. Spirit in moderate amount make their body warmth and enabling them to work better.

Note: This was my experience. I am not encouraging anyone to drink alcohol habitually or take in on a rampage.



  • you are a moron

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