Pure and Natural Juice of Big Bignay

Apparently the biggest bignay I have ever seen. I think it is two times more bigger than normal bignay. It is located beside junk shop near the vicinity of Buna Cerca, Indang Cavite.

bignay treeEach bunch is about 13 cm long and 3 cm wide. Each fruit is about one cm in diameter. Color ranging from light yellow green, to light red, to red and dark red.

bignay berry bunchesThe four bunches I got have a total of 212 seeds.  A berry contains one up to 12 drops of juice. The pressed berry looks like a ripe coffee pulp and the seed resembles a narra fruit.

pressed bignay berry and seedIt smells like black ants. Black harmless ants are roaming all over gathering berries sap. The reddish tree is obviously a plentiful source of food, for ants but not for humans.

The juice taste very sour with a typical grassy taste. I never thought ants love sour foods too. Dilution and addition of sugar will surely improved its taste.

bignay juice in glassAfter macerating all the berries thoroughly on strainer, I got about two cm thick juice in common drinking glass. A light brown and very sour juice. More juice could be extracted if it was pressed in cheese cloth instead. Even more extract if boiled with water.

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