Is Glucose Actually Tastes Bitter?

From a reputable person working in laboratory and teaching variety of Chemistry subjects. Only few sugars and non-sugar substances taste sweet. Fructose is the sweetest sugar. Glucose is not sweet, it actually tastes bitter. Sucrose is sweet cause if compose of glucose and fructose molecule. It is the fructose component which makes sucrose sweet.

I rarely use glucose syrup. It taste sweet but the white table sugar is far sweeter. Further explanation: It has other sugar added to attain the sweet taste, e.g. fructose, aspartame etc…

I want to disagree but I want to believe too. I have not tasted any analytical grade glucose crystals yet. Anyone?

A substance is perceived as sweet by the tongue sweet taste buds. Somebody in yahoo answers explains that sweet sugar has free aldehyde group that interacts with the sweet receptor. Starches have also free aldehyde group but not enough because they have relatively big molecule size. Glucose is sweet cause it has a free aldehyde group and a relatively small molecule.

Sucrose sweetness is denoted by value number 1. Any sugar or non-sugar substances with lesser or greater value means less or more sweet respectively.  According to wiki, fructose value is 1.17 to 1.75, about twice as sweet as the reference.  Glucose has value of 0.74 to 0.8, about 20% to 26% less sweet.  The artificial sweetener aspartame can be 250 times sweeter.

I found no article stating that glucose actually tastes bitter! Is glucose actually taste bitter?

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