The Black Rice / Balatinaw?

It is the Black Rice. I first saw it on 26th BAR Anniversary exhibit. It is not glutenous. It is just another ordinary cooking rice except that it is black. I saw another booth displaying exactly the same as it. It was named Balatinaw. Not sure if the two were the same or not.

This pack of black rice is another set. It came from my classmate who is working in Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation. It is a rather old sample and my taste buds confirmed it. It really tasted like and old stock.

brown to black riceSome grains are close to blackness, some are dark brown and some are light. What I see is what I get. If the grain is dark brown then it is dark brown from inside and out. Unlike the brown rice which will become white after polishing.

This sample is too small for a taste taste. I better buy at least a kilo.

P.S. I looked over the pictures again carefully. Balatinaw is glutenous rice while black rice is an ordinary rice and is almost pure black. The old stock rice which my classmate gave me is close to Balatinaw. However, web information tell Balatinaw is a red glutenous rice which add further to confusion.

pure black rice balatinaw malagkit

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