Taho for Breakfast, Anyone?

I was a bit early today. While waiting for my company, I was walking back and forth hoping to find anything for breakfast. No establishments were open yet but there were some early vendors offering food to eat.  They were selling candies, cigarettes, donuts, crackers and taho. Speaking of taho. I already saw six man selling it. They were early and perhaps targeting employees rushing to their offices but have not taken breakfast yet.

When I was on high school study, a taho vendor was always offering taho to us. The purpose was the same, target those who have not taken their breakfast yet.

I wondered if this street food have enough energy to give. It might bridged the gap between rush and breakfast but not provide enough power until lunchtime. That is overkill.  It is a rich protein source but not a good provider of carb. The added syrup and sago have but still not enough due to minimal quantity.

Again, I gave it a shot. I bought a 10-peso cup. It was filled with taho, spoonful of small sago. and a spoon of caramelized sugar.

breakfast tahoFor the record: I didn’t noticed immediately he was holding a cigarette. He waved his hand and it was gone in an instant. It was obvious he never wanted customers see it. He was selling a hygienic food, I guessed.

I ate taho about 6:35 am. We left to our destination after a while. I was craving about 9 am. We did a stopover near the convenience store and bought food and drinks.

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