Why Drink Instant Coffee if You Can Get it Brewed ?

yet another coffee cup

Drinking coffee regularly, especially when your drinking it like there’s no tomorrow, bring many health hazards. But drinking it in moderation, is beneficial cause it gives an extra energy to finish an emergency job.

Whenever I have a cup of coffee I always prefer a brewed coffee. A coffee directly extracted from freshly roasted coffee beans. I also drink instant coffee if there is no roasted bean available.

To make an powdered instant coffee : Coffee beans are harvested, dried, milled, goes through a delicate roasting process then ground finely. Ground coffee are then extracted. It goes through process of freeze drying or spray drying to transform it to soluble powder form, the instant coffee.

In my own observation, instant coffee taste bland. It lacks body, the feeling of heaviness to mouth (the perfect example is milk or condensed milk). It also lacks acidity and most of the real coffee flavors and aromas. These body, acidity, flavors and aromas are lost during drying.

Why would I drink instant coffee if I can enjoy a brewed version? There are many ways to brew coffee fast and with ease. The price of brewing machines are getting lower and lower.

yet another coffee cup


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