The Bukyot and The Regular Pipino

The three pipino, cucumbers, you see in pictures are not the pickling cucumbers. Not meant for soaking in sweet and sour solution and packing in clear glass jar for sale. Immature fruits as big as 500 ml Gatorade bottle are mostly sold to public markets. Ripe fruits can grow as big as 1.5 liters Cola bottle.

three pipino cucumbersIt can be eaten as is, dip on salt, with sweet and sour dip or with mayonnaise. Ripe fruits are not eaten. Maybe it is in other regions.

Pipino plant is a vine. It can be grown on ground or on trellis (balag). The latter is preferred for easier management.

The two small cucumbers are the bukyots. The bigger is the regular and meant for sale to public market. The two were attacked by fruit flies when they were very young and small. Deformation became noticeable afterward. They are rejects and have little market value.

I always prefer eating bukyot. It is crunchier and less watery.

Bukyot are small fruits. Might be small from the very beginning or small due to insect attack. There will be no significant increase in size even if allowed to stay attached on parent plant and reached maturity.

No bukyot is chosen as source of seeds for the next planting season.

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