Burnt Coffee Flavor in Filter Drip Coffee Machine

filter drip coffee machineFilter drip is a fast and cheap way to prepare good cup of coffee (especially in office where electricity is free). The principle is very simple. The device has four essential parts, the water tank, the filter, the hot coffee pitcher and the heating element. Place enough coffee filter cup and water on tank. Plug the power cable, turn the switch on. Heating commences. Hot water is then driven upward and downward to filter (with coffee grounds) and all the way to the pitcher. Voila! A nice freshly prepared cup of coffee!

That’s not all. It has a keep hot feature. You don’t have to worry to coffee getting cold in case you left it untouched for awhile. However, letting it sit there for too long will surely make the coffee bad. A sort of burnt coffee taste. I already experienced it several times. So every time the last bit of water has drip in, I am enjoying it immediately.


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