A Taste of Carrot Bread (Sponge Cake?)

sponge cake

I was busy updating my food blog when my young sister went to our house to give something to eat. The food on her plate looked like a cake, a yummy cake. I asked what it was, she replied it was a carrot bread.

A carrot in bread? I got excited to taste this thing!

The carrot bread has a texture of sponge cake, a carrot sponge cake maybe. I guessed the orange strips are carrots. Some raisins can be seen inside. The taste was very good though the taste of carrot was not evident. It is normal to expect becasue, buko pie taste like young coconut, pineapple tart taste like pineapple and apple pie taste like apple. On the other hand carrot has no strong distinct flavor like other fruits (pineapple, mango, apple, buko, etc… ). The purpose of adding carrots to bread is for nutritional purpose only.

sponge cake

The maker of this carrot bread also produce banana bread, prune bread and brownies. A variety of food stuff for pasalubong can be found in this buko pie bakeshop in Laguna.

Laguna is known for their popular buko pie, young coconut pie.


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