A Violet Biko For A Change

I met the girl again, the student who is selling cassava suman. She asked me if I wanted to buy. I stopped for few seconds and think if I wanted to eat such. Weeks have passed since I last tasted the delicacy, but the flavor seemed still lingering on my taste buds. Seemed I was eating it without even touching.

I said “no” and asked if she has other commodity in her food basket. I would if he has.

The girl behind her, her classmate joined the conversation and offered biko.

Its a delicacy made of glutenous rice, sugar, coconut milk, dairy milk and topped with coconut latik. Taste, flavor and appearance may vary depending on where it is made and cook’s preference.

I immediately bought four biko without a second thought. Without even examining the product and asking for a free taste.

It was a violet biko. Not too sticky – not sticking to my teeth and gums. A bit oily compared to others – maybe due to high quantity of added coconut milk. Not too sweet – I am cutting on carbs so it was a good thing.

violet bikoI ate two and gave the rest to my officemates.


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