Take Cheese in the Morning, Drink a Glass of Milk at Night

What you should take in the morning to pump up your day? I said coffee. It removes drowsiness and seems to give an energy boost. A popular hot coffee in the morning, lunch and even before bed time to work extra hours.

My answer was wrong, our Agricultural Biochemistry teacher said it is cheese. The cheese is rich in amino acid Tyrosine. In human brain, tyrosine is converted to adrenaline, the substance responsible to adrenaline rush.

Rats love cheese and they are always on the rush, on the run, too energetic to grab some food and often destroying precious things. If human loves cheese too, I am not sure if it will have the same effect. By the way, rats never eat cheese often.

Drink your milk and go to bed! A slogan from old television commercials. Milk can be enjoyed anytime of the day and I don’t hear or see the slogan for quite a while.

Why it is recommended to drink milk at night before bedtime? Milk is rich in amino acid Tryptophan. The substance is converted to to neurotransmitter serotonin which promotes sleep.

Maybe. The baby sleeps a lot because he needs it for his fast growth and development and because he drinks a lot of milk.

Note: Milk and cheese are both dairy products but the latter undergone a process called fermentation. The reason why a specific substance is not present in the other and vice versa.


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