The Free-Range Chickens Are Feeding on Alugbati Plant

Last time, I asked for a short stalk of alugbati vine. The wood scrap owner has inconsumable amount growing on her store backyard. She also told me that it is very easy to grow and it grow fast even with minimum care.

I divided the short stalk into two pieces. I went to road side and half-buried it beside the bamboo fence. I was expecting it to climb up the fence and make the front yard colored red and green.  I was hoping that roaming chickens would never never feed on it.

It was raining regularly so I never water it even once. It was a plant and forget scheme.

After over one and half months, several leaves and shoots over one feet were observed. However, I can barely see any fully developed leaves. The free-range chickens are eating it. They are feasting on my veggie long before I can harvest. I am thankful, they are not eating the young leaves and shoot tips. Growth is continues despite of the destruction.

alugbati vine on bamboo fence


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