The Chicken Salted Eggs and Duck Salted Eggs (Itlog na Pula)

itlog na pula maalat

Salted egg is among the easy to prepare dish especially during my busy days. Buy salted egg from sari-sari store, slice some ripe tomatoes and get some rice.

For the past few months, I noticed some eggs taste different from others. I am not talking about the saltiness because it really varies. Some salted eggs also cost less than others. I used to prefer the cheaper one and I usually opted not to buy when the available egg cost higher.

Recently my uncle told me that cheaper salted eggs are chicken eggs and the more expensive salted eggs are duck eggs. I know that salted eggs are duck eggs but I never know that some individuals started to make a cheaper version of chicken salted eggs.

I asked her to buy chicken salted eggs and duck salted eggs just for comparison. The duck version cost 10 pesos each while the chicken version cost only 7 pesos, a 3 pesos difference. For 30 pesos, I can buy only three pieces of duck eggs but can acquire 4 pieces of chicken eggs for the price of 28 pesos. The price is really encouraging.

The picture below shows the picture of duck salted eggs(left) and chicken salted(right). Notice that the left is more elongated and the right is more round. The chicken salted egg exhibits a lighter red color. I am not sure if it is a coloring fault or the chicken eggshell is a poor color absorber.

July 2016  update

The right egg in the picture exhibiting lighter color might be due to two thing.  First, the maker purposely used a lighter shade. Second, no salt was added to color mixture. Salt helps bind dye to eggshell effectively.

chicken and duck salted eggs

The yolk of duck egg(left) is orange and watery while the yolk of chicken egg(right) is pale yellow and dry. The color and appearance may vary every batch.  Please submit a picture if you notice a different appearance.

itlog na pula maalat

When it comes to taste, duck salted egg is more delicious than chicken salted egg. I still prefer the more expensive and delectable duck eggs.


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