Chinese Bubod Straight from California

A bubod straight from California. It is of Chinese origin as evidenced by label unreadable by me. Hmm..! We have our own bubod here! In fact I have been keeping some that I reproduced myself from a few pieces I gathered from Mindoro.

chinese bubodIt is spherical in shape instead of flat oblong. A heavy protruding line is running around the middle. A sign that it is made of two halves fused to one. I imagine the mold they used is a small infant milk scoop. Each half is molded separately then fused together while still wet. It is porous and looks like easy to crush. Well! It should be as easy as I thought. It needs to be pulverized before mixing into rice intended for wine production.

Now I am wondering who invented it. Is it the Chinese, the Filipinos or any of our neighboring ASEAN countries? Maybe its origin is China. Remember from our history class. China has been one our biggest trade partner even before Spaniards colonization. The trade has gone too far to almost uncontrollable now. Almost everything I see is made in China. It is possible that this bubod is one of their trade product.

Chinese version has the same application as ours. Known as jiuqu, pinyin or simply as starter cake used for manufacture of Shoxing wine or Maotai. A wine derived from fermentation of rice, like Japanese Sake and our very own Tapuy.

I think setting up a little wine experiment on this is a good idea. A side by side setup with Philippine made bubod is nicer. Perhaps I would also try reproducing it.

Thanks to Ate Boots for giving me this.



  • Marvin, kung kulang pa yan (ha-ha-ha), mag-sabi ka lang. Basta ang condisyon, you will keep me updated on the results for your experimentation.
    By the way, na-research ko at one point before arriving here, na there is a Canadian company now manufacturing it, but it is not available in retail quantities in US, and I believe they were interested in having a US distributor. If I remember the name of the company, I will advise you again.
    Regards and best of luck with the rice-wine production.
    Ate Boots

    • Okay po! Salamat ulit!

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