Getting Rid of the Choco Taktak Method

The pulvoron molder as its name implies is intended for making crumby, tablet-like pulvoron. On the other hand, it could be successfully used for making chocolate tablets, the tabliya. The warm, fluid cocoa liquor that should be poured on appropriate molder for shaping and hardening could be shaped and hardened with a polvoron molder if the worker knows the proper way to do it.

The trick is to wait until the liquor is on the verge of hardening. Mold it quickly and carefully while at this state. A pretty easy trick that has several drawbacks. Shaping it too soon may result to irregular shape tablets (fluid flows). Irregularities are less attractive and make packing hard and ugly. Shaping it too late makes the work slow and difficult. It needs extra effort to force the hardening cocoa into the molder. And, if it gets too solid, a short heating is necessary to make it liquid again.

I tried the solidify and cut method before but it never gave me nice results. A bad looking irregular cut. Not to mention it was difficult and unsanitary. A motorized cutting wheel generates heat that melts the chocolate.

I think I should stick to the long proven technology, the chocolate mold. It was really my first choice but couldn’t find any suitable shape I like. A plain tablet or a plain square. All there were in chocolate store were fun shape for the liking of kids. I bought ten pieces of cube ice mold before but have never used them. I was afraid that when production grows, I may not able to find more to increase output accordingly.

Well, today is different! I can now make my very own molder with the help of 3D CAD program, 3D printers and mold making silicone. I will first try molding native choco on ice tray I bought before. Then make my own mold as soon as customers gain acceptance.

tabliya in ice cube tray


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