Kape Alamid Cupping Review

The coffee you see below is not an ordinary coffee. It is a sample of rare and very expensive coffee. The coffee alamid, a.k.a, coffee luwak / civet coffee. Coffee beans that were eaten and defecated by civet cats or the so called alamid.

a bilao of kopi alamid

A short review from my previous articles.

There are two reasons why kape alamid is so freaking delicious. Well, that is according to other’s statements.

The first reason. Civet cats are very peaky eaters. Selecting only red ripe coffee. Yes, civet cats are following the rule, get only ripe cherries and leave the rest.

Second reason. Coffee beans which stayed in civet cats stomach are fermented and result to additional unique flavor. However, this was contested by one my friend. Coffees never stay in civet cat stomach for more than 24 hours and they are not able to digest the hard covering just next to soft pulp. Fermentation and its possible effects are near impossible.

Sir Onad prepared a 300 peso cup for free. I thanked him so much for giving me the chance to sip such expensive and rare beverage. He was so generous, he also gave half cup each to Sir Julius and Sir Jasper.

two cups of kopi luwak

Time to reveal our say:

Sir Jasper. No special taste perceived. The blend specially made by Sir Onad was better.

Sir Julius. No comment.

Sir Onad. He seemed hesitant in giving comments. In the end, he also said that there was nothing special with this kape alamid thing.

Me. I was very excited at first but got disappointed at the very first sip. I was expecting something big, something astounding. All that I had tasted was bite of bitterness. It lacked body and acidity. It was not worth the praise.

I inspected the roasted coffee beans again and noticed it was a combination of different varieties. It might came from all red ripe cherries but the lack of proper blending technique made it bad. Maybe, kape alamid from pure Arabica plantation taste better.

Note: It was not meant to discourage anyone from buying any kape alamid or weaken the business of those kape alamid sellers. All the testimonies are purely based only on our judgement. It did not represent everyone’s opinion.


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