What to Do with Cocoa Nibs?

Turn them to chocolates. Probably it is the first thing that is coming to all our mind (and wanting). From pure baking chocolates, dark, milk and white chocolates. It is a long laborious process that require several equipment and art mastery.

Press the butter out. The process does not take as long as chocolates. However, the cost of equipment is something to talk about. The butter is an additional ingredient in chocolate making (eating chocolate has additional butter added). It also has a wide applications in pharmaceutical industries.

Cocoa powder. What is left after pressing the butter out is cocoa powder. It is the thing inside the popular Ovaltine, Milo and the cheapo cocoa in your favorite sari-sari store. Cocoa powder is usually preferred in making chocolate drink as it readily dissolves in water.

Sold it as is. Yes! It may be sold as is for use of other manufacturers. From butter, to cocoa and to chocolate. For bakery products. Include it as replacement of almonds, cashew nuts and macadamia nuts. It could also be eaten as is. A well roasted cocoa beans has a nice pleasant taste and aroma.

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