Coconut Milk as Dairy Milk Substitute? Others point of views

What they are saying about coconut milk?

Wiki. The consistency and mildly sweet taste is similar to coconut milk. Proper preparation is able to almost eliminate the coconut flavor. Use by people allergic to animal milk and by vegans. Use for tea and coffee and bakery products which require cow’s milk.

Wiki. Sweetened coconut milk is served as drink. Prepared by adding sugar and fresh cow’s milk or evaporated milk. It is creamy, dairy-free and a great alternative for lactose intolerant. Contains good fat and easily convertible to energy – means it is never stored as tummy fat. Rich in lauric acid, a substance found in human milk.

Note: No recommendations about coconut milk as replacement for infant formula or breastmilk. Some infant formula use soy milk but not coconut milk. The protein found in coconut milk is superior among other foods. Has good vitamin and mineral profile and a fair protein and carbohydrate contents. It was recommended over raw milk, almond milk, whole milk and rice milk.

Drinks made from coconut milk

Piña colada. A drink originated from Puerto Rico. It is a combination of rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice. Virgin Piña Colada is a non alcoholic version. I think the Piña Colada is related to our very own pineapple and orange punch.

Coquito con Ron. According to, Coquito or Ron con Coco (Rum with Coconut) is a very tropical, rummy, redolent of spices and extremely coco-nutty eggnog that is quite popular around the holidays. I had a hard time finding definition cause most are written in Spanish language.

For Filipinos, coconut milk is popular for cooking ginataan recipes.

emptied coconut shell


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