The Mister Coffee Hard Pod… your espresso on the go

In attempt to make a natural coffee almost like an instant coffee. I mean an instant preparation but not the instant flavor taste. A ground roasted coffee in filter bag was invented.

Instant coffee is prepared by adding soluble coffee powder in recently boil water. While the latter is prepared by dipping it in newly boiled water for few seconds.  The coffee flavor  within filter bag needs some time to infused with the hot water. Its a negligible delay as compared to first.

How about the espresso? Care about having it while your on the go or while you are silently resting at home? You can have it with coffee pod, e.g. the Mister Coffee Hard Pod. It is like a ground roasted coffee in filter bags, however, it is flat, round and hard like a flying saucer. It shortens the preparation time significantly by removing the grinding, measuring and compacting process. Just get the pod from its sachet and go straight to espresso making. There is a catch though, it is prepared with a portable espresso maker or a heavy duty espresso machine. Choose a portable portable so you can have espresso whenever on the go.

mister coffee hard pod


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