Judgement Based on the Most Delectable Coffee

Based on the knowledge gained from Sensory Evaluation subject, people criticize the current food based on the most delectable version they tasted.

When our baby was only six months old, he loved eating every plain tasting food given to him. He was eating boiled potato, carrots and squash. He ate plain rice and plain biscuits. His appetite changed when sweet foods was introduced to him. He regarded sweets as delicious and the rest were awful.

The same thing is true with coffee. I was contented with instant coffee when that was the only version available to me. Then I gained access to filter-drip and percolator prepared coffee. I couldn’t prevent myself from comparing it to instant and concluded that latter was significantly inferior.  Now, I am wishing that all my coffee is prepared from the expensive espresso machine. With the combination of good coffee beans and a good barista, an espresso prepared coffee is simply the best.

getting coffee from percolator


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