A Cup of Coffee from Automated Drip Pot

The very popular automated drip coffee pot. Cost around 1,500 to 2,500 pesos depending on brand and model. High-end for techies cost more than double or triple.

electric coffee maker

It consist of four basic parts:

The water reservoir – where the fresh clean water for coffee making is poured.

The filter – hold the coffee grounds. It should be porous to allow fast water passage but fine enough to held coffee grounds back.

The electronic heating coil – I think this feature made it popular for office employees. I can be placed almost anywhere around the room. Even right beside your office table, conveniently powered by a short cord. The coil heats the water and keeps the brewed coffee warm.

The pitcher – for catching the hot freshly brewed coffee.

The automated drip coffee machine combines the features of affordability and convenience. I never like buying one though. It will surely pump up our electricity bill. Perhaps many employees think the same way. Using it in offices is a nice idea but never in homes.

The heating element excites the water molecules. Water climbs up through the small tube until reaches the coffee grounds. Then drenches it, extracting essential flavors and bringing it down to pitcher. The fresh and nice brew is ready for enjoyment. The lovely aroma spreads around reaching the senses of people within the vicinity.

After, the keep hot feature maintains a certain desired temperature. Anyone can either take a cup immediately or drink later.

Hoooops! Do you want to let it sit there for a while? Not me. I will get the pitcher immediately. Transfer it my cup and enjoy. The nicely brewed coffee deteriorates after a while. Its aroma diminishes and the taste goes bad. The longer it sits on heater, the worst it gets.


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