How Long Can I Do Green Coffee Selection?

My concentration during class is approximately 30 minutes so I assumed it also hold true for separating bad beans from goods.

Sorting out coffee defects is necessary. Imagine a piece of stone accidentally included in batch. It will be roasted, ground, cup and will go all the way to human tummy. Good thing if the equipment used to prepare coffee has fine filter. What if the preparation is a traditional boiling method and there is a small piece of nail? If you are fond of reading books, you’ll find out human safety is a secondary purpose. The main is the removal of coffee defects such as black beans, moldy, whole berries, insect damaged and many more. Thorough sorting more or less assures good quality coffee reaching mass coffee drinkers.

Without further ado… lets start the sorting operation…

robusta green coffee beansAs I expected, I am becoming impatient after 30 minutes. I want it to be faster. After this, I felt the tendency to do mass selection. Inspect roughly a couple of beans at the same time. This technique is faster but for sure will miss a lot of bads. What will happen next? It may come to a headache point, blurry sight and sleepy mind resulting to a badly selected lot.

It’s a good thing I was listening to soothing music and chewing a gum while doing the selection. I managed extending the time up to 59 minutes. My head started to ache at this moment. Time ends…. That’s it.

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