Corn Over Rice as Staple Food

The following contradicts our current tradition.

Rice is the number one staple food for Filipinos and perhaps to rest of the world. Rice is the one and no other commodity might be able replace it.

All plants produce their own food by the process called photosynthesis. Both rice and corn produce grains, the palay and corn kernel respectively. However, corn is more adaptable to dry hot condition while rice in cold wet climate.

Rice belong to category C3 plants. During hot summer days, plants are able to close their leaf stomates. This stops transpiration or water loss. In exchange, no carbon dioxide is entering the plant for photosynthesis. A halt in grain production.

On the other hand, corn is a C4 plant. It is able to store ample supply of carbon dioxide while the condition is cold to ambient. Closing of leaf stomates will not temporarily stop corn production. A continued photosynthesis under sun’s heat.

Do you think our climate is suited for rice production? Choosing corn over rice is more reasonable.

Rice require a lot of water. A continuous irrigation is the best. Corn plant can rely on occasional rainfall.

Reason other than climate adaptability:

Corn is a slow release energy source, slower than rice. It tend to make one fuller for longer period. Has low GI value, good for athletes and diabetics.

Hope there would be enough people who are willing to eat corn as primary energy source.


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