The New and Old Cornick Story

The three of us took cornick as merienda. Cornick in chili hot vinegar. We enjoyed the brown crunchy corn, the lingering garlic taste, the burning hot chili sensation and the face changing vinegar. I enjoyed it the most, my wife enjoyed it a little and our toddle barely ate a piece.

cornick in chili vinegarWe ate cornick because we want to relieve our soar throat. The three of us have itchy throat, a symptom of common cold. She never like “Gurgling Vinegar to Relieve Sore Throat” so she added chili and cornick to it.

Did her idea worked? Not sure. I gurgled vinegar last night and I gonna gurgle again today before going to bed. My throat was not as painful as yesterday. I think pure vinegar gurgle is still better.

Note: Gurgling vinegar is not recommended for toddlers and young children.

The cornick. Popular brands are Bida and Boy Bawang. It used to be our favorite when we were still kids. As a result of price inflation, the content became lesser and lesser. We felt it’s not worth buying as the content got less.

According to wiki, cornick is a Filipino term for corn nuts. A crunchy corn that is completely different from popcorn. Invented by Alber Holloway in year 1936 at Oakland, California. It was intended as good partner of beer.

Now I understand why beer drinkers, manginginom/lasingero, love cornick as pulutan.

Cornick is prepared by soaking whole corn kernels in water for three days. Draining. Then frying until golden brown and crunchy. Garlic and salts are the most common flavor.

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