A Cassava Cake Straight From Cotobato

A cassava cake straight from Cotobato. So how did it differ from our Indang version?

whole cotobato cassava cake

The first sight obviously showed the difference. This was relatively darker. A cream looking center and a chocolate like edges. Slicing to equal parts revealed the inner portion. It was also darker. The color difference might be due to use of brown sugar like muscovado and coconut sugar, and or long and low temperature baking which caused maillard browning reaction.

It basically taste like cassava cake that I usually buy but the toppings made the difference. It was a mixture of milk and cheese. It was not too sweet. My sense of taste wasn’t able to determine the type of sugar used.

The cassava cake was made by Wiw’s Foodhaus and Refreshment.

wiw foodhouse and refreshment

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