Living Crabs can be Bought from Vending Machines

First I experienced buying canned softdrinks form vending machine. Then buying gum and candies from small round dispenser. Vending machines for napkins can be seen in every department store’s comfort room. Some establishments also sell prepaid phone cards. live crabs in vending machin

Going to vending machine is a very convenient to buy some food stuffs. The machine vendor is almost always available, even during off hours. It operate with less human intervention.

All items in vending machines have things in common, they are shelf stable and non-living. Due to advancement in technology, some living organisms can be placed in vending machines. Living crabs are packed in a specialized packaging and the temperature are kept low.

I wonder how long the crabs will last inside the vending machine. They are packed individually with no food supply.

Next time, human is going to develop vending technologies for living fish, prawn, chicken, pig and cow. Imagine getting a big cow and pig from automated machine vendor.

Enjoy watching! Please report if broken!


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