A Nicely Toasted Loaf Bread

The loaf bread triangles. They are whiter than any loaf bread I have seen. Presented the way any medium class restaurant/hotel would serve a bread. Who would ever think that they are toasted breads. I got one and realized I was a victim innocence. He got one and said “I never thought it was toasted”.

toasted loaf triangle with dairy cream

Why do the toasted bread look so nice? Here are several guesses.

The baker used high quality floor. Do you ever wonder why siopao breads are white while others have brown complexion? I tried making siopao for myself. The resulting appearance was not so nice.

Used bleaching agent. Not recommended for health conscious fellows. Food additives such as sodium erythorbate and sodium metabilufite are good in preserving natural food colors. They are famous in juices and dried fruits but not quite sure if applicable to bread. Maybe I should go to baking school to know more about it.

High temperature and short heating time combination. Browning reaction can be minimized through this technique. I often observe and use it in fruit processing.


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