Stored Honey in Refrigerator Became Crystalline

I never buy honey from public markets, especially the unbranded bottles. Most sellers mixed prepared syrup to honey to increase product amount. I am talking about the vendors who are placing their honey in small tumbler. They are including honeycombs in buckets to convince buyers.

Note: Not all sellers adulterate their honey.

One day, my better half brought home the honey I am talking about. I was never interested with it. It might be a real honey but the probability that it is adulterated is high.

crystal honey

The honey stayed inside refrigerator for few months untouched. I noticed over  half of the content crystallized.  It was my first time seeing a crystalline honey.

One way to test honey’s purity is the water solubility test. Pure will not mixed with water easily, it will flow down to bottom and form a separate layer.

I did the test. It is a pure honey according to result.

honey test one

honey test 2

I was not convinced. I got a teaspoonful and took it in. The taste is just a plain syrup. It has a honey taste but barely noticeable. It addition, it has a thin body.

Do you think my sense of taste is more reliable?

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