The Three Culled Broiler Chickens

The three white chickens. They are broiler chickens. I think they are a males because of the relatively large comb and wattles.

culled broiler chickensThey are culled chickens. Meant for production purposes, either eggs or chicks. Sold for a lower price  since they already manifested a decline of production capacity.

They were used for production and have lived relatively longer than 45-days broilers. They have stronger bones and tougher meat but still way softer than native chicken hen.  They obviously need a longer cooking time but way shorter than natives.

They are grown in commercial scale and therefore fed with commercially formulated feeds and medicines.

The three white chickens. All three weighs 12 kilograms. They were bought for 55 pesos per kilo for a total of 660 pesos.

If those three will realize a dressing percentage of 70%. Then it would be 8.4 kilograms when slaughtered and dressed.

Current local price of dressed broiler chicken is 130 per kilo. If the 8.4 kilograms dressed chicken are to be bought from public market, then the total cost would be 1092 pesos. It will be 432 pesos more expensive.

Acquiring culled broiler chicken is cheaper if you have the spare time for slaughtering and cleaning feathers and entrails.

If you want chicken and conscious about your health, native chicken is still the best.

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