The Delicious and Affordable Dan Eric's Ice Cream

We have switched to Dan Eric’s Ice cream ever since a single and secluded outlet existed near the town plaza. It is the one and only outlet in our area. No other outlet came to existence. Anyone who want to buy need a half kilometer walk and shed sweats, ride a tricycle and pay an extra 20 pesos or burn extra car fuel.

The store sells nothing but Dan Eric’s Ice Cream. Pays no rent because the store is just in front of his own home. No competitors of its own kind. The store owner told me, the manufacturer only allows only one outlet in a specific area. Any succeeding retailer wannabe should coordinate with the first.

Birthdays, birthdays and birthdays. Our relatives always request ice cream during these occasions. The first thing in our mind was either Selecta or Nestle. They have vast number of delicious flavors and mix. However, they are also pretty expensive.

dan eric's ice cream containersReasons why we switched to…

1) It is less sweet. It is significantly less sweet based from our observation. I prefer less sweet products and dishes from the start so I prefer it too. Other flavors are more pronounced when it is less sweet. My family and relatives never liked it at first but they got used to it eventually.

2) Way cheaper. Recently, I bought a gallon of mango fiesta for 359 pesos. The Nestle and Selecta I bought several years ago cost more than 450 pesos. Not sure about the average current price since I am not interested.

3) Reusable container. The gallon, half-gallon and one liter ice cream are pack in thick durable and reusable plastic. Nestle packaging is a thin brittle plastic while Selecta’s is a lacquered metal that is prone to rusting after short to long term reuse.

What I don’t like with Dan Eric’s Ice Cream? Limited flavor selections and few outlets.



  • how to franchise please send me a whole detail. thank you

  • how to franchise dan eric’s ice cream

  • franchise po ba to? ano po requirements?

  • pano po and how much? thank you

  • Gusto po nmin mag store ng dan eric’s ice cream..pnu po?? thank yuo
    By reshiel cortez

  • I am interested to franchise Dan Eric ice cream…paano po and how much

  • Hi. Do you sell “ice drop”? How much and do you sell by boxes? Pls advise. thanks.

  • gusto ko sanang mag franchise ng dan eric’s ice cream magkano po ba. may freezer nman ako kya ok lng khit di nko pahiramin. salamat po.

  • good day!

    nais ko po sanang mg franchise ng dan eric grand ice cream,,paano po ba? at magkano po ba ang halaga ng pgfranchise nito?

    salamat po!

    • Gusto ko po sanang magtinda ng Dan eric na ice cream sa tindahan ko magkano po ba?

  • I am interested to sell Dan Erick’s Ice cream in my area how can I get in touch with their main office.Kindly provide the tel numbers that i needed to call to get things started. Thanks……..

  • gusto po naming magtinda ng brother in law ko ng dan ericks ice cream magkanu po ang kailangan naming puhunan para mkapagsimula at sino po pwsede contakin cavite po kami trece. martires tanx po!!!!

    • please consider contacting their facebook page []

      Based on the information I gathered from my favorite Dan Eric Store, there should only be one retailer per area. I never know the how wide the area should be but if there is someone near you, then they will never allow you to sell.

      Talking to a nearest dan eric retailer is your best option, I guess.

      • i what to put a dan eric ice cream in my store how can i franchise?

  • im interested to be franchise dan eric’s ice cream…how?? thank you

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