Dew As Source of Potable Water, Sickness and Medicine

Dew or Hamog in Tagalog term. It appears at night through early morning. At night when the temperature is low enough, notice the grasses in open are getting wet, including roof, light post and car. Numerous water droplets are visible in early morning.

Atmospheric water or water vapor forms when the temperature is low enough. It is like the second part of distillation process, the condensation. The water droplets on outside surface of ice-cold water come from surrounding air and not from the cold water itself. The low water temperature immediately cools its surroundings thereby promoting condensation.

In places where water sources are scarce, dew  is collected by means of air well and serve as alternative water supply.


Train the baby to walk on grass in very early morning. The dew is believed help him walk on his own faster. The danger – it should be done with bare feet. The young and delicate feet are exposed to whatever sharp objects on the ground.

Always wear a hat whenever going out at late night. The dew (hamog) can make anyone sick of fever and common cold.

In early morning, wet your palm with morning dew and rub it on throat downward. Do it three times, no more, no less. It is believed to cure coughing.

At night time, place a glass of water in open area. Get it in early morning and drink. It is a very popular cough cure in our place. However, a glass of water left overnight might catch dirt from air, cockroaches, rats and cats.

glasses of water catch dew


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  • although temp goes down at night,. it’s humidity that causes dew to form on cold objects, such as grass, metals, etc. there won’t be dew on dry cold weather.

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