Please Make Measurements and Follow Directions!

The no jaywalking sign is clear but you always cross.  A safer overpass is right by your side by you still cross the road where the fast vehicles are passing by. Do you find it hard to use the overpass? Is  avoiding the fast approaching vehicle easier  than walking safely upstairs?angel time clock  by microsoft powerpoint

Most rules are simple but we often failed to follow. Maybe its lack of discipline. The same thing is happening in our kitchen and food processing area. We are not following the simple food preparation procedure. Even a simple measurements cannot be done.

This what  I am doing when cooking hot instant noodles.The procedure stated 1) Boil noodle in two cups water. – I just  pour unmeasured amount of water. 2) Let the water boil before adding the noodles. Then continue boiling for three minutes and serve. – I  add the noodle right away and wait until the water is boiling. I let it boil for couple of seconds and serve.

What are wrongs with my deed? Not following direction and rough estimation of ingredients, the tantyahan style:

1) Following direction and measurements save time, money and effort.

2) It prevent wastes. A dish with too much salt might be inedible, burnt fish and overcooked vegetable are not pleasing. You may need to redo the recipe over again.

3) In case you are engaged in food manufacturing or have a restaurant, the food must have consistent quality or face to loose lots of potential customers.

4) Not following directions might bring hazards. e.g. Keep refrigerated, keep cap tightly closed and do not heat in microwave oven.

5) Listing measurements and procedure is very important during cooking experiments. Every details like time, temperature and ingredients should be jot down. Identification of best trial will be easy after. The recipe will also be repeatable.


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