Dried Ginger and Meat in Cup Noodles

ginger slices

There are real ginger slices in instant cup noodles, as well as other dehydrated vegetables and meat. It is amazing how technology advancement made such thing possible. Retaining green vegetable colour is advance technology. It is not something that can be done at home with minimal capital and crude equipment. Dehydrated meat is not. Dried ginger is not either. The last two can be made with tools available in kitchen and at small cost.

Let us talk first about ginger.

ginger slices

Drying ginger straightforward is a waste. The more economical way to do it is press extract or boil extract the juice first and set the fibers for drying. Sell the juice as is, process further to concentrate or powder. Then sell the dried ginger as separate product. Two products instead of one.

Ginger still taste strong after juice extraction. Lesser after consecutive tries. There is no point in getting every last bit. Dried ginger for flavouring and ginger tea bags are better options.

Now for the dried meat.

I worked for meat project before. The meat of concern is first cooked to desired flavor. Broth drained. Then dried with suitable dryer. For our very project, we used wok. Conventional and convection oven may do. Using vacuum oven and freeze dryer is a little advance. It has the ability to preserve some delicate flavours.

Broth can be use for something else. I am sure of it. Just how they use meat drippings (in industrial settings) to make the highly sought gravy.

Yes, I used to treat gravy as rice topping and come back to counter for more. I needed it for the deep fried chicken. Restaurants serving extra were my previous preference.

One way or another, drying, force either to lose flavor. It won’t be taste as good when liquid is absorbed.


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