Drinking the Hot Calamansi Juice

Coffee is normally consumed hot. It gives the feel of warmth in early morning or during cold weather. The same is true with  tea and soup. A recently boiled soup will surely take away the chilling of one’s body.

Hot drinks have a weakness.Drinking such in a warm summer days is uncomfortable. You gonna end up bathing with sweats, unless you are inside an airconditioned room.

The solution is easy, tea and coffee can be enjoyed cold. The cold tea and the frappe coffee. Hot drinks during cold weather and cool refreshing refreshing beverages during hot summer days.

How about fruit juices? I have never seen any advertisement about hot juices. Juices are processed over heat but the normal serving state is ice cold. I heard someone is drinking hot coffee with calamansi juice but never actually seen one in person.

hot calamansi juice

Is it okay to drink hot juice such as hot calamansi? Coffee can be served cold so the juice can be served hot. Sounds crazy? Well, I am indeed. I usually drink hot calamansi in the morning. How about the taste? Just try it!



  • It is OK that I drink (28pcs) pure calamansi in the morning,then before bedtime hot calamansi?Thanx.

  • I have acid reflux and stomach discomfort for almost a year now can this be cured by calamansi?

  • calamansi is great for skin bleaching and moisturizing .

  • this is good. it’s also an effective medicine for acidic people, drink hot calamansi juice especially after you wake up in the morning, with no sugar added, just pure calamansi and water. have breakfast after 30 minutes. you won’t be needing kremil-s or sodium bicarbs. it’s effective.

  • i drink hot calamansi juice a long time ago, specially when I have colds. But a cold calamansi juice (lemonade) is always refreshing…FYI

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