Dry Peas in Brine Solution

Drying means the removal of water from a certain thing. It may involve weight loss, change of color and modification of overall appearance. Dry means the object we are referring to has minimal amount of water or moisture to inhibit microbial activity. Examples…. dry coffee beans has about 11-12% moisture , dry corn has about 15.5%.

Any substance though liquid in appearance could be in a dry state. The popular example is cooking oil. It is a dry substance. It never has water and will never mixed with. Another is absolute ethanol which has less than 2 % moisture.

A dry wine on the other hand means different. If its dryness refers to minimal moisture content, then the 91% water of a 9% wine by volume is massive. It cannot and will never be consider as dried. Dry wine simply means it has minimal or no sugar at all. Its antonym is sweet wine.

mayon dry peasA dry thing in liquid solution. This dry peas has been puzzling inside my head. How come it is dry. What’s inside the can are group of peas in brine solution. The brine is about 5.2% salt as stated in nutrition facts (126 mg sodium). It means the liquid part has still 94.8% water which contradicts the term “dry”. Maybe the peas could still be considered as dry if the 5.2% salt is enough to make the water unavailable for microbial functions. It is not true however, microbial growth are inhibited at salt concentration of 10% and up. Or the more literal. The peas are dried before brine processing.

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