Active Dry Yeast For Wine Making?

Active dry yeast is useful in bread making. It is mixed with the dough. Then yeast will feed on sugar and will emit gas as a result. The produced gas will leaven the dough mix. The bread is then baked and the yeast action stops. Yeast is a leavening agent. It gives the bread a soft spongy structure.

Active dry yeast is useful in bread making but what about wine making. Can it be used for making fruit wines? The answer is an straight “YES”. Active dry yeast is Saccharomyces cerivisiae. Its a fungi that feeds on sugar and produce alcohol and carbon dioxide as by-products.  The baked bread alcoholic taste is not noticeable because the fermentation process is not enough or is not long enough to produce significant alcohol amounts.

Another question. Is it advisable to use active dry yeast for wine making? The answer is “NO”. It is specifically designed for bread making. It cannot produce the desired alcohol flavor. Based from experience, wine produced by using bread yeast has a bready aroma. Might be as shame for wine connoisseur. There are many instant yeast specifically designed for wine making. Choose several brands, conduct a simple experiment and select the best.

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