Large Earthen Jar (Banga), Best for Vinegar Making ?


Try roaming around Indang, Cavite and visit the sugar palm (kaong) vinegar producers.  They have the same thing in common, they use large earthen jar (banga) as fermentation vessels for their vinegar. According to their statement, banga is the best fermentation vessel for making of vinegar and they prefer an old heavy banga with thick walling.  Most of the time fermenting in other container like plastic tumbler will fail. However, they failed to explain why.

vinegar earthen jar

The following paragraph could be the answer. Drop a comment if you want to protest.

The optimum temperature for vinegar fermentation is at room temperature or about 20-22°C. The Acetobacter aceti, the microorganism responsible for the production of acetic acid, can still function at higher or lower temperature but the output will be lowered. In a worse case of  temperature extremities, acetic acid production may halt.

During daytime, temperature rises and drops during night time. We all know that earthen jar has a thick clay walling.  This thick walling helps maintain the temperature inside the jar so that the vinegar production can continue without temperature interruptions.

Fermentation in other vessels such as plastic tumbler and mineral water bottle could yield the same good results if the rise and drop of temperature can be prevented.




  • my vinigar is seeping through my banga.. i already covered with sahara cement the outside of my banga and still same part are still ‘perspiring’..

    • It is time to get a replacement, I guess

  • Where to buy earthen jar? I’m from mandaluyong.

  • The large earthen jar is called burnay. A small earthen pot is called banga. We cook food using banga.

  • Im obliged for the blog post.Really thank you! Want more.

  • Can I use a glass bottle in making vinegar..?

    really need your answer

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